Operational management

Dragintra offers tailor made Fleet & Mobility management solutions based on the following services: external fleet management, mobility budget management, CO² reduction program…
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Purchasing support

The Dragintra Fleet & Process Scan (developed in-house) generates an overview of well-founded and realistic process enhancement and cost cutting options. As an external party Dragintra…
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Fleet Pack® software

Originating from a company focused on professional solutions for Fleet and Mobility management, this user friendly web based application is the ideal tool for the proactive and online management of your vehicle fleet…
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Fleet Academy

Dragintra offers multiple standardised training programs for fleet managers and drivers. Besides these training programs Dragintra also offers the possiblity to follow customized…
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Professional vehicle fleet management

The professional Fleet Management solution.

Dragintra has been a Fleet Management specialist for commercial and private vehicles since 1999. Professional and pragmatic management of your vehicle fleet will enable you to cut down and manage expenditure as a result of more successful and efficient working practices. This will save time and money so that you can focus on your core business. Dragintra supplies the necessary tools to achieve this.

Dragintra procedure

Dragintra's strength lies in the fact that it looks at the wider picture!

No two vehicle fleets are the same, as demonstrated by the various applications for commercial and private vehicles. Moreover, each driver is different and companies have diverse priorities. It is impossible, therefore, to offer the same solution for each vehicle fleet. The only solution offering organisation and efficiency involves looking at the overall package, charting all factors that have an impact and supplying bespoke solutions.

The Dragintra approach offers such a solution.

How does Dragintra achieve this? Dragintra specialises in managing the operational process associated with your vehicle fleet and has developed its approach in-house on the basis of many years of expertise.

Centralized management

A tailor made plan geared to your organisation and requirements is designed by charting the processes and costs associated with drivers, suppliers and your organisation. This means that we combine the variables illustrated below and create a Dragintra solution on the basis thereof.

Fleet Academy

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Benefit in kind 2021

Calculate your benefit in kind for commercial vehicles

Dragintra Mobility Management Software


Crit’air air quality certificate service

Crit’air air quality certificate service What is an Air Quality Certificate? The certificate is a…

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Dragintra Mobiliteit Beheer Software
New tax rulings concerning electrical vehicles and charging points provided by employees.

It has been decided that charging points and electricity are to be considered an integral part of an…

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Dragintra Mobiliteit Beheer Software
Super 95 fuel is to be replaced by an ecofriendly alternative called 95 E10

Starting January 1st 2017, Super 95 fuel will no longer be available. The Belgian government as well…

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